Radio Interview

To listen to a recent interview with me by John Barbour on his radio podcast Real People, follow this link and select the April 21, 2011 radio broadcast. This will be especially interesting to people completely unfamiliar with Wagner, as was Barbour. Subjects covered included Anti-Semitism, Hitler, the Mayan calender and 2012, higher consciousness, Skull and Bones, Hegelian philosophy, and much more, all of it having to do with Wagner’s operas. Your can hear it all here.

John is quite a guy. He is the only person to have received Emmys in two different categories; entertainment and news. His hand print is in the famous Hollywood sidewalk and his face was on the cover of TV Guide. He was a writer for I Love Lucy and many others programs. The website that broadcasts his show is in the top .001 of all websites worldwide. He fell out of favor with the Los Angeles media establishment when he tried to sneak Jim Garrison onto his program. (Remember Garrison, the New Orleans district attorney who tried to investigate the JFK assassination?) Barbour is a great interviewer.


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