Greetings from Orizaba, the new center of Wagnerian activity in southeastern Mexico.

Who is George Hastings?
To begin with, I am not a member of any fraternity, religious or philosophical organization. About the only thing I am a member of is Costco.

Over twenty years ago I discovered the writings and lectures of Rudolf Steiner. It did not take long for me to find out that Wagner’s operas (especially The Ring Cycle and Parsival) and Michelangelo’s story on the Sistine Chapel ceiling contained hidden, allegorical stories which were artistic versions of Steiner’s lessons. Since then I have studied these works of art intensely in the light of Steiner’s teachings. Doing so enabled me to combine my left brain, analytical thinking with my right brain, picture consciousness. The result was a much bigger and more holistic appreciation of the evolution of consciousness. My books and this website are my way of sharing what I have learned.

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How Jews Saved The Ring
Wagner once told King Ludwig in a letter that, although he did not understand why, the only people who were devoted to him and his cause were Jews. Strange, maybe, but true. It is common knowledge that Wagner had many Jewish friends but the story behind the story is the depth of those relationships and what came out of them.

Fricka and Other Goddesses
Rather than just being a woman whose husband cheated on her and a conservative who wanted family values upheld, Fricka represents one of many mythological goddesses and queens who have been eliminated by male kings or gods. Scientific evidence gives the clues to what happened and fits right in with certain esoteric teachings.


What’s Happening
Short comments directly or indirectly related to the esoteric aspects of The Ring and Parsival operas.

Radio Interview
Listen to a recent interview with me by John Barbour on his radio podcast Real People. This will be especially interesting to people completely unfamiliar with Wagner, as was Barbour. Subjects covered included anti-Semitism, Hitler, the Mayan calendar and 2012, higher consciousness, Skull and Bones, Hegelian philosophy, and much more, all of it having to do with Wagner’s operas. You can hear it all here.


Wagner was not an Anti-Semite
Wagner may have had his faults, but he was actually a passionate supporter of Jews and other minorities. Due to Hitler’s misinterpretation of Wagner and his works, the extreme anti-Semitism of Wagner’s second wife, and some ambiguous writing on the composer’s part, it has generally been believed that Wagner was a fanatical anti-Semite. This article sums up several reasons why this is an unjustified assessment.

Hegel, John Dewey, Wagner, and Steiner
Philosophy, academia, history – its all here. Hegel’s philosophy was the major philosophical influence in Germany at the time Wagner was creating The Ring. It has also been a major component of United States culture. This article explains how Wagner made these operas to enlighten the public about the evils of Hegelism.

Esoteric aspects of Wagner’s Music and Libretti
Both the music and the libretto of Wagner’s music hold many surprises. 
2,160-Year Cycles and The Ring
Astronomers and esoteric teachers are in agreement about the reality of the precession of the equinoxes. However, Steiner, and other esoteric teachers, claim there is more to this than pure physics. Wagner’s Ring Cycle and Parsival operas are based on the relation between the precession of the equinoxes and the evolution of consciousness.

Hitler and Siegfried
Does Wagner deserved to be blamed for Hitler’s infatuation with Siegfried? This article compares Wagner’s Siegfried to Hitler’s Siegfried.

Wagner, Parsival, and the Grail
Wagner was dedicated to the evolution of consciousness. His attitude towards the Divine Feminine reflects this.

2012 and Parsival
The Maya calendar, and those of several other ancient civilizations, have a connection to the Precession of the Equinoxes. So, too, do the Ring Cycle operas and Parisval.


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