Allegories of the Ring: The Book

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Richard Wagner, Rudolf Steiner & Allegories of the Ring
will be enjoyed by anyone interested in the evolution of consciousness, which Wagner’s hidden allegories are primarily about. The book’s appeal is not limited to opera lovers. Anybody interested in esotericism, mythology, philosophy, and history–from what Bible calls the Fall, up to the present day–will also find it interesting and enjoyable. It is about the world we live in, how it got this way, and its future.

For those not familiar with the operas I suggest renting or purchasing videos of them, or reading the libretti along with this book. For those who desire to know the basis of the esoteric information provided, I recommend Rudolf Steiner’s book Theosophy.

Unsolicited Testimonials for the book
Richard Wagner, Rudolf Steiner, and Allegories of the Ring

“I read your book from cover to cover, took it with us on tour, and read it again, and keep reading and referring to it. I love this book!! The way you give an overview of human evolution through the symbolism of the Ring cycle is clear, engaging, and inspiring.”
Philip Boulding
Magical Strings

“I have greatly enjoyed reading Wagner’s poetic Ring, referring to your book and listening to the music. Thanks for elevating it to immediate interest for us.”
James Lee

“Your book is great. I was vaguely familiar with The Ring and found it fascinating. It’s opened me up to thinking about spirituality in a different light. Thank you.”
Larry Cyr
“I just finished the Introduction pages of your book, and already I am virtually trembling with excitement! I want to comment on virtually every paragraph. I am reading thoughts that so parallel my own that I am amazed I haven’t heard about Steiner earlier.”
Win Peterson
Author of
The Dyon-Twist Model of Fundamental Particles: A Theory of Matter and Energy

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